Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hottify Yourself!

Now that I think about it, every guy who’s ever been in my life’s been physically it. I remember thinking that when I was in first grade when everybody looked good in basketball jerseys. I grew up with the pastor’s kids- they were health buffs. The question asked was ‘how much do you bench?’ Course nobody ever asked me that. If I were in the Justice League I’d be Plastic Man. Heck even that polymer-poopoo-head had a six pack in a couple of comic issues. My best friend in high school, Ira, who went on to become the host of that adorable daytime show ‘Hapinas’ was the big dude in school. We all thought he could punch through a brick wall if he wanted to.

Now, I live pretty far away from my friends, and the substitutes are the hordes of Koreans that come over to study here and become my buddies-of-the-year. Now those guys? Pick ANY one of them randomly and the one you’d pick would be perfect for the cover of Men’s Health. I’m serious! I haven’t met a single Korean who I didn’t admire physically. Even my brother, adopted Korean, who seems to only loaf around all day, is not at all bad-looking.

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge kid. I’m a big comic book buff. And everyone knows how well-toned Superman and the Justice League are drawn. Heck, even business moguls Lex Luthor and Max Lord have bodies that would give Paul Walker arun for his cash. Ever seen Professor X with his shirt off? (not the movie versions, Patrick Stewart’s great but… er… not a pretty mental picture) There are more shiny domes on him than what you see on his bald head.

So what’s your point? Basically, I’m surrounded by hot. It’s inexcusable to not be hot. Heh. Ergo in the new year, I remember what my (also super hot) friend Joshua once said. “Be careful cuz being thin and eating a lot can lead to you looking like a ‘butete’ (I think it’s a lizard, but by his description it one of those coffee-chugging aliens from MIB that sit in a room and loaf around with tiny frames and huge stomachs.) New Year’s Resolution? Hottify yourself!

Been hitting the gym and I feel awesome! I thought it’d be embarrassing bein’ the new guy, but the dudes there are either very nice or leave you alone in general. Fear of snickering alleviated. Does the gym make you feel tired? The opposite is true. You feel all energized after. It’s great! Now all I need to do is to make sure I don’t miss my daily Hand start eating right (that’s the harder part, cuz veggies? Eww)

Wish me luck.

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