Sunday, August 12, 2007

What we've heard from Wizard World about JLU

- They are looking at playsets and vehicles - no new product in that line to debute this summer because once they received the master license for DC, the company threw the brakes on EVERYTHING in order to properly gear up to fully exploit the DCU. There were some hints as to what upcoming JLU figures we could expect to see in the slideshow images.

- Mattel is very, very, VERY much into the JLU line, they are committed to releasing new figures with a very strong emphasis on the collector market. The only reason they don't have new figures to show is because of the new directive brought down from landing the DC master lic. as mentioned earlier. "2008 will be a very special year for the Justice League Unlimited line."

- NO to Hal Jordan

- New 10" figures come 2008.

- Blue Beetle and Captain Atom? "Some of the Charlton characters are still unavailable, and some are available. We're very interested in doing them. It's a legal hurdle."

Next year Wizard World Chicago will happen BEFORE San Diego Comic Con. There might be 2 different exclusives for both shows.

- A slide was shown indicated that The Batman line will be revamped in 2008, with the possibility of figures like Cheetah and Captain Marvel, although nothing official was shown. (Since they didn't appear in the Batman, some may take this to mean they will appear in the JLU line instead as they both appear in screenshots in the Mattel slides. )

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