Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hive Response-based iPod Touch 4 Enclosures

Seemingly based off the Incipio Hive Response iPhone Gamer Pads, this Digibabe redesign offers something extra for those who don't want the extra plastic- it's entirely rubber. For me? That's a pretty good deal because I really don't want extra stuff cracking off when I drop my iPod Touch. The top three reasons I chose this over other covers? I can self-shoot without fear of it slipping off my hand. I can drop it without being too worried about the shock. And I can put some distance between my fingers and my "joystick" games.


Corner Bumps act as grips and allow you to grip the phone with your Spider-man/rocker fingers while freeing up your thumb to take shots with the camera apps. Perfect for Instagram and self-portraits.
Corner Bumps also function as pads allowing you some distance from your fingers to the device. Great for playing fighting games and other “joystick”-type games.
Back pads add extra protection for if you drop the phone back-first. If it falls face-first you still have a few mm to prevent your device face from scratching. Sideways there are always the grips.

The iPod Touch 4 was design to be sleek and slim. This enclosure negates that.
The hexagon design is kind of a dust trap.
The lower portion that covers the side where the home button is is a bit of a flyaway and could be a dust trap. However it isn’t loose and doesn’t feel like it’s gonna come off like most rubber enclosures.

Things we normally watch for:
There’s enough space for your earphone/headset jack to go through even with the thickened layers. Same goes for the dock port.
Padded button covers work perfectly fine.

Overall it's a good buy. Seen a few for other iPod Touch and iPhone versions as well. It's easy to spot as it's got the hexagonal patterns. Highly recommended!


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