Friday, May 30, 2008

Sigh, where did the soul go...

My comments for Pinoy Idol tonight:

Gretchen: The Way You Make Me Feel

All the judges hated it. I loved it. She brought a fresh approach to the song.

Ren: Wind Beneath My Wings

I blacked out after she said I want you to know I know the throot. Ogie said best performance ever. I disagree. It was pretty lame.

Mae: Listen To Your Heart

Sorry, this was just sooooooooooo generic. If you’re looking for Pinoy Idol as in Sheryn, Sarah, and Rachelle, then that’s it. That wasn’t a compliment. Wyngarde criticized her as flat. Huh? Not. Dude needs to learn to listen.

Penelope: Everything I Do, I Do It For You

She was good. Not earth-shattering good. But she did the song justice.

Jayann: Kiss

Sounds a li’l like a slight-less refined Beyonce/Aguilera. She definitely got the right amount of sleaze that Ogie was lookin’ for. Liked it.

Meryl: I Feel For You

Sorry. This literally sounded like a bar band performance. Nothing special at all. Wyngarde did call her ‘the best’.

Carol: Must’ve Been Love

Too much ‘cambio’. She sounded like she couldn’t decide what genre the song was.

Hey surprise! I agree with Wyngarde saying she should give her best in the song.

Regene- With or Without You

The arrangement for the song was too low. It ruined what could’ve been a good intro. I’m on the fence on this one, she sang it all mellow-like. It was a rock ballad though. I’m not sure if I like it or not.

At this point, Tracy, seriously, drop the multiple wardrobe attack…

Sue Ellen- More Than Words

Sorry but the flat-ironed headtone is really beginning to piss me off. Can you imagine a whole CD of this? Dang. (another shot at the wardrobe by Wyngarde). All the judges seem to generally like her. Go figure.


Too much yelling.

For tonight, I'd say Gretchen gets my vote. Get better girls. You lost the soul singer already. Put some of your spirits in.

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