Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is what I get for watching Star Talk

not a fan, but when it's on what can you do...

Lolit Santos on Gabby Concepcion...

"Ok na, pero napansin ko lang wala na yung affection...

(ok na sana, cuz it made sense that she no longer cares as much for him... then she goes)

Hindi na ko naapektohan. I'm not affected."

Ah, yun pala ang ibig sabihin ng affection ngayon.

Epic Win!

Some more TV booboos!

This time from TV commercials...

4g! Forever Young, Eternally Beautiful! I wish!
-Bea Alonzo

(Never gonna happen, eh?)

Dati (before) my hair breaks easily when wet.
-Kris Aquino

(So, uh... when was this exactly?)

Also a text has been circulating regarding KC Concepcion alleged TV commercial grammar booboo.

"My mom always told me..."

The texter went on to act smart saying "perhaps she always ate, always sang, always drank..."

Seriously, if you're gonna nitpick grammar, make sure you know what you're talking about.

Always can be attached to a past tense verb to say that one did something a LOT (or well, always) in the past, and possibly it's no longer being done.

:) Sleepy. My leg's busted from Muay Thai. Ja Ne.

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