Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh look, another survey...

Forty Infos About Yourself. Be honest
no matter what...
[One]From whom was your last text?
`~ Jepoy
[Two] Where was your primary picture
taken at?
`~ at the gym
[Three] Whats your middle initial?
`~ L.
[Four] Your current relationship
[Five] Does your crush(es) like you
`~ hehehe. don't think so.
[Six] What is your current mood?
`~ blase
[Seven] Whats your moms name?
`~ Marilou
[Eight] What is the color of the
shirt you are wearing?
`~ blue
[Nine] What was the last thing you
`~ Gatorade Salmon Flavor, I mean Pink Lemonade
[Ten] If you could go back in time
and change something, would you?
`~ yes
[Eleven] Have a crazy side?
`~ everyone knows i do. alcohol not necessary
[Twelve] Favorite song?
`~ Cole's Song by Julian Lennon
[Thirteen] Something you do a lot?
`~ collect toys and go to the gym
[Fourteen] Angry at anyone?
`~ no
[Fifteen] Do you wanna see somebody
right now?
`~ yeah kinda
[Sixteen] Name someone with the same
birthday as you?
`~ I actually don't know anyone with the same Bday
[Seventeen] When was the last time
you cried?
`~ oh. i don't remember
[Eighteen] Who would you do anything
`~ my mom
[Nineteen] Who is your idol?
`~ i don't have one
[Twenty] Whats the first thing you
notice about the opposite sex?
`~ i dunno, everything?
[Twenty-one] What are the 3 things
that make you like the opposite sex?
`~ smile, eyes and the way they talk it can make me smile OR laugh. lol
[Twenty-two] Whats your biggest
`~ I'm Superman.
[Twenty-three] where is ur ex now?
`~ probably plotting another blueprint
[Twenty-four] Favorite movie?
`~ Road To Perdition, Charlie's Angel
[Twenty-five] Do you still watch
kiddy movies or tv shows?
`~ yeah, so?
[Twenty-six] What are you eating or
drinking at the moment?
`~ nothing
[Twenty-seven] Do you speak any other
`~ Aside from English, Tagalog and very little French, Japanese and Korean
[Twenty-eight] Whats your favorite
`~ Strawberries and Vanilla
[Twenty-nine] Describe your life now?
`~ freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Thirty] Are you a morning person?
`~ i think i'm not
[Thirty-one] Do you like the rain?
`~ yes i do. it's almost unhealthy how much i do...
[Thirty-two] What are you thinking
about right now?
`~ thinking about buying a new Megazord
[Thirty-three] What should you be
`~ nothing
[Thirty-four] Beside you every night?
`~ celphone
[Thirty-five] Cant do without it in
the fridge.
`~ soap? duh, what the heck else do you stuff in the fridge?
[Thirty-six] Do you like working in
the yard?
`~ no
[Thirty-seven] Heart or Brains?
`~ gotta be both
[Thirty-eight] Do you act differently
around the person you like?
`~ no
[Thirty-nine] What is your natural
hair color?
`~ dark brown..
[Forty] Who was the last person to
make you smile?
`~er... my gym buddies maybe. They're pretty funny.

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