Friday, April 25, 2008

Koreans Build a High-Rise in the Rainforest

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. That's a pretty stupid thing to do, but hey, why are we shocked? If you haven't had the pleasure of dealing with Korean businessmen I urge you to take a month or so to study their methods. The lights aren't all on on the top floor. Well, that's ONE way to think of it, you can also think of it this way. They are incredibly smart people. In fact- TOO smart. So smart they won't pay the landlord on the last month they leave til they get evicted. They get a free month fully intending to leave. Haha. So smart that they were able to slide through so many loopholes and abuse the many graces given to them to further their own goals.

Let's take a look ladies and gentlemen at the latest project of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Corporation,. The housing project for their Korean employees was begun even before all the papers and requirements, such as an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) , were secured. But what can we do? It's already there. Already an ill-fitting project for a rainforest, HanJin took it further by raising the buildings' height above the previously allowed tree-level allotment. But what can we do? It's already there. Oh and guess what, they actually built the thing over a patch of rainorest they had leveled especially for it. But what can we do? It's already there. And all this after they had relocated tribes to wastelands so they can utilize the land they live in. I mean, what the hell? John Radcliffe much?

I'd tell you what you can do, Philippines. Korean businessmen just raped the rainforest. Go down there and order it torn down. I mean seriously. Y'all gonna take this sitting down and smiling "But what can we do? It's already there." Yes, Mr. Zubiri, I'm talking to you. I admire your stance in this issue but you really gotta give it more oomph. Know whut I'm sayin?

Oh, and read the Warrior Lawyer's blog on it.

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