Monday, January 02, 2006

Turnin' Japanezah

These days my PC's been stuffed with all things Jap. They have a strange camp thing going that I find so incredibly hard to resist. I'm almost done with the 10-episode drama, Brother Beat (no subtitles), recently binged on thrillers Audition, Uzumaki, and KairoPulse, wanting to repeat Sailormoon, the live drama, and beginning GTO and MagiRanger. It's sooooooooooo fun (and you, rerader, are thinking, is this guy, like, 12?) I'm 12 forever. Now cross reference that with my interest for Saw, Uzumaki, Kill Bill and the like and you get a pretty disturbing picture. hehe.

Yesterday, I decided to do something lifechanging. And I'll defeat the tell-all nature of my blog by not saying anything right now.


Rammy Sta maria said...

wut's that thing you did yesterday that's so top secret you won't share it to anyone?
How life changing was it?
You teaser you!

breakfast-you-can-drink said...

Any Japanese porn?