Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Le Jologue

There's a side of me that is very very condescending towards certain people. If they act arrogant while it is not their place to be that way, or force themselves to measure up to certain standards that they obviously couldn't, or are generally 'epal'lious, then they are candidates of my 'oqrye' (try pronouncing that) or my generally ignoring their existence. I guess that is arrogance to some extent, and I sooo know that. So I guess that's why people sometimes think I'm not down to earth.
But people who know me very well can sometimes consider me as an earth-level jologue. I dunno why but this year I've been addicted to OPM, Pinoy Big Brother, the FilmFest and other things my old buddies'd call Jologs. (I love that film by the way-'Jologs'). And ever since childhood I've been a fan of camp and all sorts of childish things. That includes comics, 8o's cartoons etc. Oh well, add all that up and what do you get- Le Jolouge.

FYI- PictureTrail sucks. They deleted my one-month old account. They officially suck.

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