Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Asal Ko

Wow. Just wow. I wan't totally into going to Tiendisitas for lunch last Sunday. I felt like it was an assault to my senses. I mean, hello! Pure Pinoy lunch? No burgers and pizzas? But it was so much fun! I'm not big on chicken-scraping and digging into 'em, but I just loved my Chicken Inasal lunch. Totally Le Jolouge! Hey, if you're an Inasal fan, you may want to pick up 2 servings. I absolutely loved the antique shops! I have no idea what was comin' over me! It was so Le Jolouge! (repetitive writin' right there). Throw in the mist fans, the blacklights on top of the trash, the magical restrooms, the sosyal cat and dog owners, and the perfectly waxed floors... 'Pinoy Ako' heaven!

By the way, has anyone seen this? Catch Naomi Watts lookin' ever so perfect in Vanity Fair!

Gosh. I hope I don't lose my blogging desires. ^^^

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