Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Enteng Kabisote 2: The Legend Continues to Suck

I left the movie theatre after the fourth installment of Okay Ka Fairy Ko's movie franchise with a huge smile on my face. This was because I had lowered my expectations completely of the Enteng series and aceepted it as brain-dead fun. Scratch that. There were NO expectations. Well, Vic was still Vic. I couldn't really measure his versatility cuz I think all his films were written around his generic onscreen persona. Hence, it's always been the naughty husband/goofy dad with the "Nyeaaa!", "Acheche", and "hi, fans!" lines. Kristine Hermosa fairs slightly better than before, and actually appears more useful than any other character in her family with all the balst attacks. One wonders why she has to let her husband go through all that swordfighting when she could easily do away with the moomoos with a couple finger-flicks. Aiza Seguerra's role, as with the previous movie has been sorely reduced to supporting.Alice Dixson, i have to admit, did a pretty good job as Magenta, though G Toengi was much more memorable (in the last film) even if Alice seems better fit. You will easily tire of Melanie Marquez's broken English jokes as Ina Verde. Not even the 'masa' laughed. Toni Rose (Ina Azul) was good. Victor Neri (Drago) was okay, and Jeffery Quizon's brilinat talents were wasted on his vomiting elictricity, like, half of the movie.

I wouldn't recommend this movie to be shown to children, though. Unless you want them chanting Joey's new catchphrase repetitively , (Pang-gay Pok Pok, Pang-Gay Pok Pok), or learn new phrases like 'napakain mo na si baby, asawa mo naman" complete with thumbsucking action (courtesy of Vic), or start fantasizing about their aunt (Oyo's thing for his tita's adopted daughter, which, while not tolerated by mom and aunt, goes on without moral closure). The ending sucked too. When Amorillo/Satana is confronted by her sisters, a couple of moral-lessonish sentences later, she gave up her plans, which is soooo out-of-character for the beautifully-played Satana (Bing Loyzaga). Horrid Verdana (Jose).

The special effects were the same as I remember them as a kid. No improvement. Terrible would be a compliment.

I only enjoyed the film because I was a fan of the old series. If you're not a fan, don't waste moolah on this one.

This movie was the top-grosser? Well. That explains a whole lot...

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