Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ako Nood "Legal Wife"

Stroke of brilliance!!! Haha. I had so much fun watching this dramedy. The story evolves around one Filipino-Chinese businessman (Jay Manalo) who's married to three different women.

Zsa Zsa Padilla shines as the 'sosyal' Chinese wife, the first, and legal, one. She delivered her lines in perfect fookien-accented broken Tagalog and spent much of her time trying to overpower the second wife- Cherry Pie Picache. Ms. Picache was downright funny as the 'Lucky Wife' the one that was able to rise from her heritage and become a 'sosyal' woman herself, even though she speaks with English marked with a Visayan accent.
Rufa Mae Quinto rocks as the sexy Manila girl, who's hobbies include mountain-climbing and expanding her businesses. Nearly everyone did well and the teen actors' performances, half-baked though they were sometimes, were quite okay. John Prats' closet 'mujer' scenes were quite commendable and it really showed that he had a lot more training than his reel siblings Julianne Lee and JC de Vera.

Though, I did have to ask my Chinese friends, Ceci, Allen, and Sybina, if Polygami was accepted in China. sybina said that the woman's parents might just have the guy kiled if that happened.

Best Laughs
Best Actresses (all 3 leads)

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