Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lobo VS Lobo in The New 52, a consequence of the Stormwatch min-reboot?

Big news has been circulating in the internet today regarding "The Main Man" himself. Lobo will be making an appearance in The New 52 crossover event Forever Evil by way of Justice League 23.2. But that's not all. He's sporting what's being called by DC an "amazing" new look!

The New 52 Lobos On the left is the version from Stormwatch, and on the right, from Forever Evil.

For those who haven't been keeping up with Stormwatch, and I really don't blame you. Lobo already WAS introduced into The New 52 looking a lot like his old self in issue 20. He also gets an origin story, which he narrates (tsk tsk...) Apparently New 52 Lobo lived in Czarnia as a 14 year old boy and was witness to a horrific slip-up in their centralized med-system that jacked up everyone's testosterone levels, resulting in a killing spree of epic proportions. Realizing his scrawny little self had no chance, he decided to kill everyone in the world via a toxin in the atmosphere that he'd innoculated himself against. However, with everyone dead all the medical upgrades overloaded him and turned him into what he is today - but to be honest given Stormwatch's current writing scenario, it's more tell than show.

Enter the new Twilight-esque Forever Evil Lobo, as presented today in What's New in The New 52. If we're to believe DC (and not Stormwatch's narrative) then this guy really IS a cold-blooded killer with a reputation of badassery to maintain. The trade-off, he isn't the same brawny, black-haired powerhouse we saw in previous incarnations and even in Stormwatch.

But how did we get two Lobos in the first place? Is it a case of identity theft? Given that Stormwatch Lobo narrated to a member of the Kollektive his life story, with their deity-like powers, it's safe to say this Lobo believes he's real as well. Let's go back a few issues and recall, Stormwatch ITSELF was rebooted, removing the established versions of Apollo, Midnighter, The Engineer, Jenny Quantum and more, along with Zealot, a Wildcats character, with only the Martian Manhunter escaping, having left several issues prior. The team was 'rebooted' into a new timeline. It's possible Stormwatch Lobo is from the new timeline, and Forever Evil Lobo is a survivor of the original The New 52 timeline.

Of course this is all speculation. While fans are up in arms with the new look of Lobo in The New 52, it is interesting to note that they haven't really done a lot to praise with the version who actually looks like Lobo. While his apperance in Stormwatch left me with much to desire, I'm curious what the new Lobo will do to the apparent poser.

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