Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Kyoryuger HG Figure set. 20 of 25 revealed!

Kyoryuger HG figures are available in a set for order at the Bandai Premium site. So far these inarticulate figures look fantastic with show-accurate paint jobs and sculpts. They're a bit pricy though at 26,250 Yen (PhP 11,500, $600)

So far what we know are that we have 12 Kyoryugers (including the not-pictured Kyoryu Silver) as well as alternate figures for Red (Carnival) and Deathryuger (unmasked, how very DCUC). We also know that we'll be getting all five generals as well as Endolf (not pictured), along with Torin and Kyoryuzin. Three more figures are yet to be announced.

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