Thursday, April 17, 2008

My First Crush Gets Married

Don't let the title shock you. Rea was just the type of girl everybody loved. She was sweet, gentle and kind, with a voice of an angel, and the spirit of a regal lioness. I've always remembered her, even if it has been half a generation that we haven't seen each other. I believe she deserves all the happiness this world can give her.
I'm incredibly happy for the woman now known as Mrs. Rea Ann Villanoza Koa. I wish her and her new husband Ken Koa all the happiness in the world.

Congratulations to the both of you.

The breathtaking wedding images were taken by Paul Vincent, who I'll most likely be calling the day I finally decide to walk the aisle.

1 comment:

Rea said...

Whatta title! And whatta post. =)

Thanks, dear, for the greetings. Your prose remains beautiful, your thoughts touch the heart.