Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Iron Man, Iron Man, does whatever an Iron Can."

"Maliwanag ang kanyang hinaharap."

Just saw it. It rocked so hard. Robert Downey Jr. nailed his role. He certainly fits the character of Tony Stark- a formerly irresponsible billionaire on the path of redemption. Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence Howard portrayed the awkwardness of their relationships with the title character.

The CGI was certainly seamless. I should dare say it might even be more seamless than Transformers. The designs for all five suits all fit perfectly with the situations they are used in- the rugged Mark 1 built straight from scratch, the prototype Mark 2 with all it's flaps amid the streamlined design which we later see in Mark 3, a Gold iron-Man suit which Rhody (Howard's character) promises 'next time' to and of course, the gigantic Iron-Monger, designed to be a foil to Iron Man's own suit.

The story itself was color-by-numbers, but the film ran on the spirit of each of its characters, something Ang Lee's Hulk lacked. The dialogue was superb- Wildly intelligent and ruggedly charming wit and humor. Rotten Tomatoes gives this an 86%. I certainly recommend it.

AAAND... from Robotittah of the Fwoosh

That Stark, thinks of everything.

When famished in the mornings he dons his best armor yet....The Griddle Armor, capable of making huge, oddly shaped waffles to golden brown perfection.

Stylish black and white is fabulously matched to the decor of his personal kitchen.

Last but not least he has a fully functional giant blender attachment to mix up that ton of batter to feed his personal staff and employees.

Griddle Armor....because breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Start your day the Iron Man way at Stark International House of Waffles.

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