Monday, June 11, 2007

The Power of Beyonce

Now I'm not one to write about the influence that any individual or object could have over me but I believe Beyonce is a worthy exception. Heck, I'm even uncomfortable writing about it right now. Just before I was pulled off DC Superheroes, along with the rest of the editorial crew, I was about to write on Beyonce and her latest album, B-day. Right now I can't find the file that contained my review, but in general, I called the album 'loud' and 'whiny'. In fact I stayed away from the album for quite a while fearing my ears'd fall off if I ever dared listen to it again.
Thus Beyonce's singles came and went, and I, the long-time Destiny's Child fan, brushed off what everyone seemed to be calling hits.

For the longest time I went Beyonce-less (except for DreamGirls, which was A-MA-ZING!) until people around me started chanting 'to the left, to the left'... and thus I actually went and listened to the single "Irreplaceable". To me, it was catchy and was a fun song to sing. Little did I realize that the loud, insistent voice she was using had a strong psychological effect to its listener.

Now I'm the type who'd forgo smoking and drinking for a few taps on my mp3 player. Enter 'big problem'. And guess what, ill-fitting as most of the lyrics might've been 'I can have another you in a minute, don't you ever for a second get to thinkin' you're irreplaceable" stuck and got me through.

Now while I didn't totally get rid of the subject of my current irknessness, I went on to find myself another song that'd make me feel detached from the situation. "Freakum Dress' which pretty much said 'stop wallowin'! time to party!' jumped right out at me, and 'Beautiful Liar' reminded me that 'it's not worth my time' to be wallowing.

Like I said, granted, the lyrics aren't a total and perfect match, but the conviction with which she pushes the lyrics really drive every song home. And now I'm a happy camper (reference "Get Me Bodied' which is reallu ust about having a good time.) Thanks B.

The album B-day is available in pretty much any record bar except for the ones that still sell pirated casettes (which I think stopped multiplying around the time Hanson's MMbop came out). It has tons of music videos. Grab one now.

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