Friday, April 06, 2007

Meanwhile in the Hoenn Region

I don't think I had this problem in Kanto both times I was there, but my Pokemon in Hoenn are ridiculously 'blah'. Bad enough I didn't know I should plant berries back (the locals look at you all funny if you don't, kinda like chewing bubble gum in Singaporean streets) but the Pokemon I have seem to not be that interesting for me to train. Basically, I'm now in Vendanturf Town and i dumped all the Pokemon I caught in the first few cities into the Pokemon PC System, replacing them with newly caught ones. These ones seem decent, save for Sableye who looks as if he's about to eat any of the other Pokemon I let out... 'Blazooster' has evolved into a Combusken and has gotten me three badges already- thank goodness he's pretty decent in a fight. By the way, since I'm pretty much bored in Hoenn, I took a little trip back to Kanto and summoned Kanto and Johto pokemon to fill my pokedex! Yeah, I know it's cheating, but hey, I've been round three times, I deserve to at least 'feel' like a Pokemon master. Unfortunately I can't smuggle any of them to Hoenn. Oh well. Guess Im stuck with Combusken...

(art by Azhura)

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