Thursday, February 09, 2006

PBB One on steroids

Is it just me or are the new housemates channeling the old? plus plus plus. ^^^
Gretchen reminds me of Nene, only this time she's licensed to kick butt and extra pretty. Bianca reminds me of a tempered Say. Rustom reminds me of Uma, probably the odd taste in fashion (I mean that in a good way). Mich is like Racquel-hyper version and English edition (lol), Keanna is like Cass, only Keanna is, like, totally acceneted and super out with the kasexihan whereas Cass keeps herself in check. Rico reminds me of misfit Sam, only not as cute, but just as fish-outta-water. Budoy reminds me of Jason, only it looks like Budoy has more joke ammo. Christian reminds me of crybaby Rico. Zanjoe reminds me of one of the torches by the pool, tall and unaffecting.

I love the new credits!!!

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