Thursday, December 29, 2005

The True Meaning of 'Blog'

Since last night, I realized the potential of true blogging. How it's not just one's personal 'pensieve', or thought-keeper, and that it is in fact, quite a public place. If I were to compare it to a part of the house, it'd be the open garage you see in the American movies where old memories are placed to last forever. That would probably never happen here though. You'd be robbed silly of your precious memento the second your eyes leave your precious garage. Okay, I'll need a better illustration. AH! Yes. that wall that exists in every Filipino's home. Right at the sala. It has all your graduation pics, your certificates and certifications (figure out the diff), your Mc Donald's Happy Meal collection amd your ceramic decor from every wedding, anniversary, 'binyag' and whatnot you've ever been to.
See, I'm very incoherent. That illustration was way too long.
Today, I'm beginning to feel the pressure. My blog's not just for me, is it? It's for everyone who happens to click in to a single word that happens to be in it.
Therefore, that's the true meaning of 'blog'. The 'blog' sound you hear when the pressure of writing better finally finds you and flattens you on the floor.
Okay, maybe, I'm exagerrating. (did I spell that right?)
There has to be some balance here. I have to learn how to put in the stuff I want, how I want it, and yet, not without regard to the readers.
Meaning my blog has to have stuff that people'll actually read! This is news to me. Really it is. Probably I'm one of the few who are like that.
Oh well...

The Etheria site is up... but a warning to slower PCs, the flash can take about 5 forevers to load and has no preloader bar to tell you where it's at. Also as of press date (nax) only 3 women are featured in the flash intro (Pirena, Amihan, and Alena). the gallery seems promising but the thumbnails are unclickable.

The Encantadia site is still running, though the show has ended. It's at

And of course the new Mulawin site, which is cool but lacks a lot

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