Sunday, December 18, 2005

No Cameras, Celphones, and Cameras

I spent the afternoon foloowing my two Chinese friends around the Alabang Town Center as they shopped for clothes etc. Ceci, the fashionista, and professional blogger (of 6000 hits on her opening week) practically left the camera on to shoot and shoot the whole shopping time away.
So lots of cam action ensues, much to my nervousness, that some of the shop people might go, 'sorry no pics please'. The shopkeepers in the boutiques were jovial about it, so Ceci just kept shootin.

Guess where we get stopped.

...a bakery.

They actually had a sign that said 'No Cameras, Celphones, and Cameras' (which i had to read and re-read several times to make sure THAT's what it said, perhaps to emphasize the fact).

Oh well.

Learned two new words today.

1. Naam - looks like a giant pizzadilla including the cheese filling.

2. Floss- bread with shredded stringlike whatever, the whatever being the 'floss'.

Both courtesy of bread-talk.

Cris Villonco was having a show with some orchestra. She's sooo not the birit queen. So sana she doesnt try na lang.
She sounds better being the calm and composed singer who doesnt fling her lungs at the audience.

Saw half of Heather Locklear and Hillary Duff's 'The perfect Man' last night- fell asleep.

Gratitude Journal.
1. Free floss and strawberry lemonade courtesy of Sybina.
2. Bought a Chicken Little celphone ornament. cute.
3. The huge fire in Zapote tonight didn't seem to involve anyone I knew.
4. Chatted with my Li'l bro 1am this morning.

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