Friday, December 23, 2005

I'm 70% McDonald's

I love Mc Donald's and will so never deny it. I've found a Double Cheeseburger contains more beef and cheese than a Quarter Ponder, and is cheaper too.

So funny. today's our Christmas party and the videoke machine's video is soft-porn. It was embarassing. The party is in a while so I hope they find some way to change it.
I have resolved to buy myself one shirt that I like every week. I started by getting an American Idol tee. Next- Slimer. But maybe I'll get a webcam first.

Yesterday I gave the most number of certificates to a set of CEE members. :) This year was fun. Hope next year will be too. Next year we will have both a movie project AND a concert. Shooting will begin for Power Rangers Livewire (a fandub) the first half of 2006. It will be both an acting project and a dub project. The film will be targeted to kids, unlike NEUP (2004) which was in the horror/suspense genre. The concert, for the later part of the year, will be a musical play, probably also in SM.

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