Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Apparently, the men of Etheria act and vocalize better than their women. The king of Hathoria and general, and Dingdong Dantes' King Ybrahim, and Dennis Trillo. I'm finding it cooler and cooler everyday. Haha. Francine Prieto, while looking the part, doesn't really deliver the lines as well as royalty should. It's not the acting. It's the voice. Too high-pitched and unregal.

Oh wait, the guy who plays Animus sucks too. Haha.

Then again the faces of Etheria, the Hera, play their part well. Even Jopay can steal the screen as a 'Kitchie Nadal with a blade'. And of course there's Allesandra who plays the clairvoyant Andora.

The opening of Mulawin the Movie is 5 days away and yet the website isn't open. If I were the webmaster's boss, he'd've been fired by now.

Gratitude Journal:
1. New student starting tomorrow.
2. Egg omelette sandwich.
3. Getting home in time for Etheria.

I'm so excited about the filmfest. Hope it'll be good.

Began the day with Brother Beat, a recommendation of my Singaporean friend.
No subs. But it's so visual that I can understand pretty much everything that's going on.

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