Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!!

How else should i start my blog, right? haha. Funny thing, I've been working up til this time on the bloodiest task of the month- Teachers' Evaluations. AIEEEEE. What a way to end 2005. Not muchh on TV and my downloads are actually wearing hexagonal green shells. Not to worry. My neighbors aren't gonna let me forget it's new year. It's frickin noisy outside. Of course there's the news reporters screamin' at the top of their lungs in all the ruckus.

My new year's resolution- Not to waste my time on people who have no value.

i don't mean monetarily, of course. I've been through all the classes, A, B, C, and D long enough to know that it's character and heart that matter. I'm talking about those people who esteem themselves higher than others, or those that view themselves as 'great'. Those people who'd only spend time with you to lift their own benches or make you feel put-down. Those are the people who don't deserve attention. and they ain't gettin' it. I've started already, you might notice. It's quite fun.

Another? If there's a problem? Don't stand around dicussing it or blaming people. Just find the solution. ^^

(2006 now as of typing. H.N.Y!!)


Ah. Just had Media nOche. Spicy Tuna Spag. Ham Sandwich. Fruit Cocktail. dark Chocolate.
OMG. Some guy on channel 7 is singing to a karaoke version of GooGoo Dolls' 'IRis' all poppified and balladey. Ewww. Normally I'm into versions, but they didn't even touch the arrangement. Anyway...

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Rammy Sta maria said...

Happy New Year to YOU! hahaha!
the thought of eliminating worthless people out of one's life would probably sound different and off to a number of people but not for me. I myself have felt like there are just too many people feeding off my back. Perhaps I might just do some general cleaning myself. Time to get rid of people who have not, in any way, helped me grow last year, I'm planning to shed off a few pounds this year.... this would be a great start.. get 'em off of my back.
Good luck on your general cleaning!
Good luck to those people you'll be getting rid of too!
They don't know what they're missing! hahahaha!